Before words, I am

An old friend sent me this photo just the other day from the mid 80’s. I was an ernest 25 year artist, lol, seems funny to me now with all these years under my belt. And all that this life lived in the arts either actively creating for myself or working on film productions. teaching or running my own small arts business. Art has been a constant in my life,

Adam and Eve about to see their own nakedness, 1986, Jonathan Clark.

Before words I could only speak in pictures, foundlings of things, picked from trash and loved into deep meditations on the connections between things, the arrangements that are made between lifes ephemera, the grace placed upon them, they, these, things, these found things, these lost things, these pondered things, just to learn to speak with real words, words with all their manner of emittance. I found the illumination of God in reflection of those things, I was lost until I’d found who, I am!

All comments and thoughts gratefully received by the Count.

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