Amsterdam Eyes

Do you see like I see you, your multitude of reflections from spindle like tall rectangles leaning one on the other staggering and aged in Rembrandt, Vermeer two of my favorites.

Water way reflection, 2018

Watery boat ways with sliding boats big and small, seagull and swan float and flying, all echoes in the shutter framed window watching the ages pass by wittiness to the night watchman.

KNSM Island, 2018

Traffic jumbled with bike car scooter motorcycle truck tram and bus stopping starting, people lean angular tall and short flood in and out a human tide ebbs flows a rhythmic pace.

Two by two reflections, 2018

I’m saying goodbye to your Amsterdam eyes you’re water arms sleeved in bridges your boats your gentle attitude your honesty friendship the memories I have as treasures reflections.

Bridges are for crossing, 2018

Living with you in my night and days these past two years a guest as I am thankful you took me in let me roam you with my eyes walking driving riding cobbled streets dawn and dusk.

Winter dawns, KNMS Island. 2019

Your Amsterdam eyes will bring me a smile the memory of city scents full spring blooms and heady acacia air like clouds lift the senses from red bricks, roads, pathways home too Amsterdam eyes.

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