Count Falkenstein’s Brazil

A great place to begin, richness in landscape people a vast wondering place to begin again. I found my beginning in a dream dancing with a beauty of grace and charm enchanting. Captured by a dream we both dreamed begun on threads of thoughts, our love of Tarkovsky, both of them, poetry and film, film as poetic as any could be, “sculpting in time” as Gods hand sculpted us into beautiful beings.

We began long before that moment, that memory other lifetimes long ago our pledge one too other, that we would find one and other again. I never stopped looking, looking for her. My Contessa, dark eyed black hair her fun her laughter as light as spring morning air, from lips soft and full her smiles of pearl and diamond.

In the pink, November, 2013.

She had me at hello, tapped on keyboard for the first time. Before that I was reading her through images posted reading feelings dreams ideals wonderful wondering. Then that word, then another and again then more spilled tentative touches electronically. Still where in the world were she or I neither her or I cared, we were here.

To be continued…

All comments and thoughts gratefully received by the Count.

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