What Influences You

A friend gave me pause to think about influence today. What influences you what are our influences and just what are we influencing? We are all influencing someone or something every moment of everyday. I do hope I’m a good influence, at least try to be. 

I reflect on those who’ve influenced me. I am profoundly grateful for the good and the bad. The good for showing me the light and the bad for teaching me the difference between the two. what influences relieve me and what grieve me. 

Poetry music words art the smallest of things enrich me everyone I know everyone I meet you are all influencing me in strange and wonderful ways. Just by being you influences me in the most subtle of ways and that is a joy to me.

All of the influences we have ever had lead to now and it feels like running water through my hands fresher newer alive. All the moments in today that will influence our tomorrows to come.

Words may describe things that we can say and what we think. But to feel the weight of words the heft of them in our utterances.

The words we choose to say that describe a reality our own or the billions of others realities all influencing the realities we anchor ourselves too,

All comments and thoughts gratefully received by the Count.

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