What is intuition?

Somedays I read something somewhere and it will trigger a memory or a thing to reflect on. Today it was a question in my twitter feed. “Do you have recurring nightmares?” More reoccurring dreams, which always come in threes, as premonitions, created from a finely tuned intuition. Those dreams only come when I am approaching a branch in my road forward. They’ve never let me down.

“Super Sidra Votum”
Rattray family motto give us by Charlemagne,
Aachen Cathedral, Aachen, Germany, 2019

I think that dreams are the results of sensory information we gather on a subconscious level as we progress through our days. While our intellect deals with the real world day to day. Our senses feed our intuition, we all have it, it’s crafted into our DNA.

Today I think people are confusing intuition with emotion, intuition has nothing to do with emotions. Intuition is a cold razor sharp and precise if we wielded in combination with intellect. Emotion is a blind man walking of a cliff. Our intuition is directly anchored to our senses. Intuition is the eyes that can see the unseen.

Helpful actualizations from intuition can only be fully realized when our senses are functioning unencumbered by emotions. While emotions can be wonderful upliftings spiritual and reflect our connectedness to things and people they are more akin to the spiritual awareness in us all.

Emotions are irrational illogical, but real and unique to us individually, there is no universal rule to the things that affect our emotions or our responses to emotional stimulus. Intuition on the other hand is the intrinsic link between our senses and the real world as it feeds our inner world.

We don’t call it “gut instinct” for nothing, and the gut connects with all the senses. My gut always leaps into play specifically, if I have missed some elements of crucial information from a situation. Intuition can be dormant or active depending the expanse of ones vision, it’s how and what we take in from the vista before us with all our senses that can give us a clearer overview and help in refine our understanding of our own space in the world individually.

If we become fully engage with the world arounds us by feeding the hunger of intellect with all of our senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch all united though the gut, our sixth and most vital of senses. Leonardo Da Vinci, convinced me of this though his prescriptions on development of one’s observational skills to understand the world we live and act upon with growing clarity when all our senses are in play.

Coffee and conversation, Venice, February, 2019

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