Greenwald the exiled scum

I came here a freeman not on the run from justice. I came here to marry not just my wife but also Brazil. I am a man who loves and honors both. I came here to build a beautiful Brazil. This is where I’m coming from.

Glen Greenwald came here to work against mine and many others aspirations. Glen came here to escape justice in his own country. Where should he ever wish to return he’d be arrested. Glen came here in work for the further the corruption of thieves. Glen came here for a slice of our beautiful Brazil.

Glen foolishly thought he could come to Brazil and fool all those stupid Brazilians with his lies his hacking. He and the PT Scumbags he works for as agitator. Glen came here to shit on my beautiful Brazil and now I’m here to shit on him.

Glen I work day and night against all you stand for all you believe. Glen you’ve really fucked up now all of Brazil has its eyes on you. You came here to escape justice but justice is coming for you. You’ve bitten our hand of kindness and burned down the roof that sheltered you. You’ve go no where to go now this is the end of the road.

Glen the sun is setting on you and your leftists scumbag friends. Time you paid the piper pay him up in full. Your account is long overdue. That knock knock knock, it’s no joke Glen that knock knock joke is on you

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