Brasil, Brasil when only the best will do!

Finally we have a legal moral and ethical governance for Brazil. We have a great opportunity to build upon these foundations. This foundation needs strong representation in Washington. We must be brave and bold moving forward.

The problem is, that people are confusing progress for corruption the people must understand that we must have a strong proud patriotic Brazilian in Washington. And for this position Brazil doesn’t simply need another bureaucrat, we need a statesman! This is Brazil stepping out of the third world, and into the first. Come on Brazil we can do this,!

Brazilians deserve nothing but our best representation, one who represents the strong proud and beautiful Brazilian culture and the values we hold dear. And who better to stand for Brazil in Washington than a congressman who holds a mandate of over 2 million Brazilians. Someone to speak clearly and succinctly in Washington for Brazil.

I am/ we are calling on all those who believe in our beautiful Brazil to bring all of your support for this vital and important role. Brazil is developing in global affairs and besides all of the potential for the opening up of the USA for Brazilians. In not just trade commerce and education. Brazil needs to build on the opportunities we have created thus far. Anyone who feels that we would do anything but our best for Brazil obviously forget that our new Brazil is being built on foundations that will make Brazil a global leader and make us all proud to be Brazilian.

And as for those who think this is an unbelievable move in behalf of our President, let me offer a little historical overview. Brazilian law expressly states that all Ambassadorial appoints can be made from outside of the diplomatic career. All appointments to serve as an ambassador are in fact political appointments, period. The MRE is there to serve as an advisory to the President. And that the person representing us in Washington should be fully in line and in harmony with our new governments values.

The Bolsonaro government as it stands now only has a few loyal people to call on to take on these vital roles. We can not afford to not build on our position. The MRE after almost two decades of a leftist government is far less aligned to the vision of the new Brazilian political ideology than they were to the corruption of the previous governments leftist agenda.

This is not the time to fall into a trap of appeasement to the leftist hangover. Bolsonaro and his new government are the cure to that terrible night of our discontent. We must all stand strong against those who try to paint the new government in the same colors as the thieves we are fighting against everyday. We are not like the left who only have one color to paint Brazil in, RED, that bloody red of communism even when it’s called socialism. Our new government has a much richer palette to paint from. Our vision is one of hope growth and prosperity for all Brazilians.

In the selection of Eduardo as our Ambasador to Washington we have a man who has lived studied and worked alongside the American people. That is the kind of relationship we can build upon. We have in Eduardo Bolsonaro a man who understands not only our Brazilian culture but also the culture of the American.

How better to get to know the real America, than by flipping burgers and working hard like every other Brazilian working today in the USA. This reflects a quite humility, an honest willingness to work hard to put the food on the table like every other proud loyal and patriotic Brazilian. Who of us does not want a man of the people by the people and for the people working hard for the 200 million plus Brazilians.

Hardworking honest Brazilians relate to Eduardo and he relates to them. Honestly and integrity are the foundations of his relationship with the Brazilian people. Two values we can all build upon as we forge a new Brazil as we rise up from the ashes of the previous governments deception and rape of Brazil by the leftist dictatorship only just defeated.

The new sign on Brazil’s door reads “Open for Business”! And our byline is, “Brazil the beautiful place to begin.” The door is open come on in “Welcome to our beautiful Brazil.”!

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