To the moon and back

I was 8 years old the excitement that was building the year was 1969 July 20th. I had just turned 8 on the 5-7-1969. My best friend at the time had a 3D model of the moon and he’d built a Luna lander model. We would roll that model over and over in our hands feeling its peaks and valleys and wonder fueled our passion. It was the coolest thing ever to my just turned 7 year old mind.

Buzz Aldrin Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins where our hero’s they took that giant leap for mankind. Leaping from the planet to visit out closest astral body to poke the man in the moon right in his cheesy eyes. We were so excited this was our world and it lay open for us to wonder and awe at all of this moments pregnant possibly.

Kennedy and a dream and his words inspired a nation to build planet escaping rockets some paving the way others dying in the attempts to realize that dream. And I salute all those fallen space bound hero’s. Taught us all to follow our dreams and live a life chasing the wonder of all this life offers those who dare to dream a dream.

All comments and thoughts gratefully received by the Count.

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