Opinion: This is the Counts.

Perseus with the Head of Medusa, Benvenuto Cellini, Florence, 1554

Some days I just start writing here, thinking here, being in my space it feels so refreshing to be away from FB and here in my own room without the distraction and chatter of the maddening mess it has reduced to. The potential of that public square has been completely squashed. Now it is just an echo chamber for the uninformed, the manipulated the scared, the wounded souls who will believe anything that validates their “feelings” there is no thinking or discussion going on there anymore. There is no space there anymore, it’s just a data mine feeding of peoples feelings of being connected to it’s manufactured reality. Do people even think anymore has humanity just become this big wet sponge of feelings?

Hieronymus Bosch, The Hermit Saints, detail,1493, Gallerie dell’Accademia, Venice

I think back to the birth of the “New Age” movement and all of the emotional validation propaganda they were selling, with practitioners specializing in every type of trauma for work-shopping peoples need to blame someone, anything for whatever it is they thought that was lacking in themselves. Personal trauma was reduced down, and passed on as someone else’s fault, real or imagined. This was the birthplace of the idea of people being victims, victims of something, or someone. That all the problems in our life’s were because of some trama you or I suffered at birth or before birth or after birth. You had a mean mother or a bad father they didn’t validate you enough. You were bullied beaten or abused (and yes some of us were that is true and another much bigger story) . You had mean teachers you’re dyslexic whatever it takes to validate your victimhood.

Hieronymus Bosch, The Hermit Saints, 1493, Gallerie dell’Accademia, Venice

Once your a “victim” they’ve got you, all the fight has gone out of you, now you just a passive and easily manipulated player in the game. The grievance side show, this is where you can start your road to the heights of victimhood, the “Victim Olympics, . When you hit the big time game your playing out your victim cards at everything that has ever happened in history as if expunging the past will give us the future they all deserve. Because they’ve been offended by some historical touchstones if not all, they will probably even come to hate this very moment in history we are living in fact I guarantee it, The record of history stands as reminder us all of the mistakes made and lessons learned. It would seem now a vain hope that we would not repeat our past mistake, to do so is surely pure madness.

Reference needed here

A fairer world, one where knees never get skinned, no bloody noses, no mortal wound to your feelings. A world where it’s never your fault, preferring not to believe in a moral and ethical life. Life made you like you are, spoiled and indulged anything to stop your incessant crying. Crying because you can’t run as fast as the other guys on the team. or your not as pretty as the other girls. Mummy told that nasty school principal. And her and the other overbearing new age birther mummies have a formed a committee to level the playing field for their spindly sickly insipid kids, who want to be a sports heroes. Because mummy said he/she/it could be whatever they wanted to be. And yes, we all can. but we all only grow so high, some more than others, FACT. But all are equal in the eyes of our lord, that is where we find real fairness in faith.

Detail, Christ Crucified, reference needed

This lowering of people’s expectations of themselves, down to the level of the weakest amongst us the most. And now culturally and socially we are being dictated to by the smallest and controlled by minorities in the form of radical gender identity politics. I won’t even name them I am sure we all know who “they” are. They have invaded our schools created early reading material for our youngest and most impressionable and vulnerable. As a survivor, for want of a better word, I know how this sexualization starts. And now there has been a front line offensive from the liberal agenda of everyone’s feelings being more important that fact or empirical evidence.

Hieronymus Bosch, The Hermit Saints, (detail) 1493, Gallerie dell’Accademia, Venice

We are being culturally separated from of the concepts of family herded into carelled into subsets of gender identities were even the basest of human perversions and simply being referred to as preferences. Preferences we are being asked to become more understanding of as a society, much like we were in the early days of “gay rights” I like many other reasonable human beings thought and still think that it’s only right that gay people should be able to live happy free loving lives. It is off the back of those hard won recognitions that this now overly political gender identity group are directly attacking the foundations of our society and cultural identities.Their confusion is becoming societies collective confusion.

Hieronymus Bosch, The Crucifixion of St Julia, 1497, detail.

There is no safe space for men anymore, no safe space for women, no safe space for family anymore, if we were to believe this small but overbearing overreaching group of wounded sparrows with broken wings. Unable to fly themselves because they have become so overstuffed on feelings that everything just feels way to scary for them. So they think that none of us should fly higher see a brighter day every morning, not confined to the fear of whatifisims, what if you flew what if you dived what if you swum. Just happy being you living getting through this life.

Caravaggio, Medusa, 1597

Language has become polluted broken down reframed to the point where looking back at our history our culture is a dirty reference, corrupted bad mean and hurtful. History is the stuff that shapes us and we must acknowledge it as it is, understand it, sifting through our collective history. Yet here we are 2019 and under assault is the very fabric and framework of our human history, the family, the very earth of our history, the very ground from which man was made. Cultivated and gathered together to become this family of humanity, losing our humanity

Michelangelo, Doni Tondo, 1507, Venice

Even say these words is offending someone’s feelings. I will not be subjected to feeling over thinking I rejoice at imagination and creativity and humanities mastery in sciences and continued discovery all of the benefits we have won for ourselves our comforts and the opportunities we grant ourselves to become a better version of ourselves with each coming generation. It is the responsibility of us all who can to raise or voices the hold human achievement and striving to be and not to be dumbed down to feelings over thinking.

Hieronymus Bosch, The Temptation of St, Anthony,

Now the village idiot is now become the new director of civil activities he’s reorganized the alphabet he’s taken to coloring in the history books with a rainbow of scribbling in his feelings exercising his emotional intelligence over great human achievements and it’s collective cost. The village idiot wants us all to forget to the value everything and cost of all we have achieved. To forget is failure to advance, failure to even recognize that collectively humanity now even gives recognition to the village idiot. But let’s not think that recognition of the village idiots point of view should be in anyway subjected upon the majority.

Ettore Ferrari, Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II, Venice, 1848

All comments and thoughts gratefully received by the Count.

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