Sleeplessness of hypnic jerks

Omg I seem to have developed this dreadful feeling of not breathing when I fall asleep and then I wake up fighting for air heart racing like a panic attack strangest feeling in the world.

I wake with a terrible jerking sensation fighting for air. It has happened 8 or so times in the past month. But last night was the worst I’ve ever had. Previously when it happened I could just fall back to sleep and feel okay.

But last night it was so intense that even after I had that first instant of the terrible sensation. It has become this inescapable dreadful feeling that every time I was about to fall asleep the sensation of falling into this black hole unable to breath came upon me again and again.

The sensation just would not go away and I have been awake all night long with that sensation repeating over and over as I feel into sleep only to wake again with a start and this dread creeping all over me.

What should I do about it is there anything I can do to stop it I feel completely disturbed by these events. I have always slept so soundly mostly. I feel as if I am detaching soul from body and if I do fall asleep that I won’t ever wake up again.

It is a totally terrifying feeling for me as I so don’t want to be dead, far to much left to do in this life. I am completely disturbed by this strange development and disturbance to my normally healthy sleeping pattern.

Have you ever had this happen? What did you do to fix it, can it be fixed?

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