The Little Church of our Lady Fatima

In a quite little spot on the southern wing of Brasilia’s residential area is a tiny example of modernist architecture from Oscar Neymar. This little marvel pays quite homage to Brazil’s catholic history. It is an open and inviting place to visit for a little quite contemplation. People come to sit in her restful shade to pray or just to looks and feel the commanding presence this tiny place of worship filled with birds song and chatter.

I like to visit and sit inside to think and to pray giving thanks for the many blessings in my life. Here I pray for family and friends health and well-being under Gods divine protection. I always leave feeling renewed and protected in our lords loving arms uplifted.

I came back to god late in my life after searching but never finding what it was I was looking for. And it was at a very dark moment in my life that in my despair that I called out for salvation in the name of Jesus Christ. It was at that very moment in my life that our lord rushed into me with such warmth and light. He had been waiting patiently for my return to his love and guidance. From that very moment I gave my life up to him he bestowed upon me such blessings and gifts that I could never have realized without his intervention in my life.

I still ask myself what I had I done to be so rewarded by him. But it seems he has always had great plans for me. And everyday the path forward in my life is illuminated by his divine will over my life. I have many faults and flaws I am weak and I am a sinner forgiven by him. The lords truth has never been so clear to me in my mind in my heart and in my very soul. There is a constant chatter in my heart with the lord and everyday brighter than the day before.

I have always tried to be a good man but just being good was not enough as my life always seemed to be under some strange curse of misfortune. This realty drove me to despair and a soulful desperation. I realize now that nothing good in life comes without his grace in my life. I could list all of the many wonderful things that have happened to me from that day that the lord Jesus Christ rushed into my very essence to claim my soul all his own.

Thank you Jesus thank you Lord today and everyday I am your humble servant and warrior. I have your shield rod and staff protecting me and mine in these darkened days of doubt and confusion. I have no confusion or doubts anymore everything thing now seems perfectly clear. The truth of his love has set me free to dwell with you in the house of the Father of us all, amen!

All comments and thoughts gratefully received by the Count.

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