Just another day in paradi🐶

Brasília moves at its own pace there is no rush to anything here and it never seems as if we need to be anywhere in particular. There is a simple flow to life here and relaxation is the default setting. I think it is the grandeur and scale of this remarkable city as it scales away from the monumental scale of the Neymar modernist city masterpiece. Brasília is a city of gentle curves spreading out on her wings laid out north to south.

I first learned of this marvelous city in a documentary on its construction some 30 plus years ago. I was in awe from that moment on at the pure scale and vision of Brasília’s visionary team of architects who scratched out its design. Yet not for the life of me did I ever think I would one day come to live here. Brasília sits high on top of Brasil’s central savana a dry arid place in the winter with a humidity level lower than the Sahara averaging around 12 to 15%, very dry indeed.

Brasília features a large man made lake, largo as water reserve and flying into Brasilia airport is a beautiful sight with Brasilia laid out like a bird or airplane on this roughed ground. Brasília as capital of Brasil was moved there just fifty years ago. It has borne wittiness to and victim of military coup then the birth of Brasil’s modern democracy colossal thievery in these past fifty years. Nothing is easy here as we transition from the communist ideology into a true conservative democracy. But that honestly is a whole other story.

At its inception Brasilia was a city built with a purpose to bring the capital from Rio on the Atlantic coast into the very centre of Brasil as a way to protect the functionality of government from any perceived or real threats posed from any and all invaders. But more than that Brasilia was represented as the a vision to inspire and enshrine the values of order and progress. Simple values that sit well within the heart of all true Brazilians. And for all future Brazilians who come to know and love Brasil as I do.

Brazilian people are a true blend of races and creeds at her heart and soul. But within that ideal there are two distinct Brasil’s those who live in relative comfort and that other Brasil where the poorest live. These people are gathered around and in her cities and states. This has been very much a part of the Brazilian problem for many years now with very little done or achieved for that sector of Brazilian society. Some moderate success in this area was achieved by the the socialist government in the beginning of their 16 years of government. And sadly it has also been revealed as a total farce on the behalf of the socialists, who in fact only used the poor as a means of maintaining power and control of Brasil’s then vast wealth.

The redistribution of this wealth was largely centered around what is now know as the Lava Joto corruption and bribery scandal. And much to the shame of those responsible for the theft of and estimated one trillion Brazil’s Real’s. An unimaginably massive amount of money used to by votes win contracts and profit the elites of the Brazilian political class and its corrupted servants. Many many Brazilians heaved a massive sigh of relief with the arrival of Brasil’s first truly democratic conservative government elected by the hope of Brazilians who dream of a better Brasil for all.

Brasil still has a long way to go to fully realize and recover from the abuses of the PT and the web of corruption designed to steal the hope and dreams of the millions of beautiful kind and warm hearted Brazilians. Brasil was at a point we’re the only thing left to steal was the bread from the very mouths of these wonderful people.

Our new Brasil is under constant attack from the champagne and caviar liberal socialism holed up in the media and courts and public officials who aided and abetted this cynical and callus disease of socialism.

Politics aside the capital of Brasil, Brasilia, DF is one of Brasil’s safest and unique cities you could find anywhere in the world. So do come visit her she really is the heart of Brasil. Rio maybe the gateway into this magical country. But Brasilia, my beautiful Brasília is a great place to begin a romance with “our beautiful Brasil”!

All comments and thoughts gratefully received by the Count.

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