This ship of fools…

What the fuck is woke, woke from what, woke from your stupidity or so woke your still asleep.

Woke as fuck, ya couldn’t wake the fuck up out of them if we tried so fucking woke that logic and reason completely escape them.

So willfully woke the they would shit on the truth even if the woke themselves announced it.

Woke-ness is this stupid posturing claiming that their victim awareness is so alive that the woke would burn us all upon the pyre of their woke-ness.

For goodness sake these woke fools are so stupidly driven by feel that it’s impossible not to offended the woken.

So what to do to confound this lunacy of the woke as they try to drown reason and logic in their sea of emotional irrationality.

I’d pull the plug of the the bathtub of this silliness see how it swirls down the drain as their inversion of reality collapses.

Ship of the foolish sets sail the ring of that empty vessel lost at sea a ghostly ship of the delusional.

Boom Boom Boom fired broadsided sink that crazy crew drowning is their emotional stew a witchy brood.

All comments and thoughts gratefully received by the Count.

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