“Brasil the only destination” “Brasil a great place to begin” “Let Brasil inspire you” “Brasil leave your worries at the door” “Brasil the gateway to adventure” “Brasil adventure our middle name”

The above are just few slogans I came up with a while back thinking about what a beautiful place my Brasil is. Brasil is an inspiration destination, she drips history, and reflects her warmth and beauty at every turn, verdant tropical forests, who’s tree top echo the chatter of bird life and monkeys feeding on a cornucopia of fruits and nuts, friendly and welcoming people bring her streets alive with sights sounds and smells to excite the senses, her warm ocean lapping on golden sands, where her beaches are teaming with local vendors and tourist reveling in in the pure comfort of Brasil relaxing arms.

Brasil as I see her could and should be the number one tourist destination in the world today encapsulating every level of tourism from cruise ships to backpackers and catering to high end luxury packages all the way down to the budget traveler. We need to extend the welcome mat of Brasil to the world.

These are just a few thought from the top of my head after reading the proposal from the Ministry of Tourism. I couldn’t help but think do these people even know Brasil have they ever been here? It seems as if they have no idea about what it is about Brasil that inspires people to make our beautiful Brasil their number one tourist destination.

It is said that Brasil is no place for beginners, on the contrary Brasil is the only place to begin. Brasil should be sold to the world as the last place left in the world to really have the touristic adventure of your lifetime, in fact so exciting that you’ll want to come back again and again simply because there is so much to see and do.

From the beautiful beaches of the Atlantic coastline like a starting line as we head into her coastal mountains and on to the interior savanna land of central Brasil and all the way to the mysterious Amazon.

For the life of me the proposal offered as a campaign to sell Brasil to the world of tourism is the worst I have ever seen they must have spent all of a minutes time to come up with with that slogan “Visit and Love Us” even writing it out looks like something that a primary school child could have expressed as a class project on tourism.

Even the the reasoning and explanation of the proposal by the Ministry of Boredom can only inspire my ridicule.

To think that we have a whole ministry be dictated to the marketing of my beautiful Brasil leaves me agog at the inaptitude of those charged with opening the door of Brazilian tourism to the world is laughable.

It seems that their main aim of the design team behind this dumb slogan and non logo, was simply to save money. Well let me tell you that money spent or saved on this idiotic idea will cost Brasil the might of the tourist dollar dearly.

There is no cheap way to build the Brazil tourist brand, well at least no cheap way that will draw in the full potential revenue of the tourist dollar.

In fact if I were a tourist looking to come here for the adventure of a lifetime based of this cheap and ill imagined promotion, I would be looking elsewhere to find my adventure destination of a lifetime.

Tourists want to be inspired filled with wonder and yearning for adventure, based on this stupid campaign I would most likely stay at home.

Brasil as I see her is more than football more than sumba and so so so much more than Carnaval. Brasil has heart and soul she has Forró a sound so unique to Brasil that this is the music I would choose to use to promote the spirit of this magical destination.

As I understand it the ministry of tourism has a combined budget of one billion Reals, and in the hands of these guys even that would not be enough to create a tourism campaign to excite the tourists to even put Brasil as number ten on their top ten list of must visit places to see before you die.

Brasil spelt as it is is perfect it actually asks people to visit the real Brasil and not the westernized BRAZIL, don’t we want people to get to know BRASIL and all that we stand for not just some westernized view. Brasil our beautiful Brasil beautiful just as she is no need to call her any other way but BRASIL ALL YOUR ADVENTURES BEGING HERE,

How about building a tourism ministry that works with tour operators to define what it is the industry is as it stands today. We need a tourism conference to fully understand the full potential and needs of the industry as a whole. The ministry could become more proactive for the industry they serve and not reactive.

  • Intensive social media campaign FB Twitter
  • Tourism Bloggers writing that promote destinations and things to find and do
  • Eco-tourism
  • Destination tourism
  • Event tourism
  • Amazonian conservation tourism
  • Support sustainable indigenous tourism projects
  • Development of true mission statement on tourism for “Embratur”
  • Brasil Adventure Begins Here
  • Brasil a Great Place to Begin”
  • Brasil Gateway to the Amazon
  • The Amazon is the jewel in our crown who doesn’t what to come and see and feel its magic
  • Development a tourism industry in the Amazon that caters to the ideas of conservation tourism lead and developed exclusively by the indigenous Amazonian’s who’s world view the most unique in the world today

The very idea that we would seek to develop the Amazon as a unique and separate tourism industry is just the sort of thing that will silence the critics of Amazon development this just adds weight to Bolsonaro’s ideas of no longer viewing the Amazon as some sort of anthropology zoo for the world to look upon as zoo keeper.

Amazonian’s are just like us all wanting to live and thrive in the modern world with all of those advantages modern medicines medical help and all of those things we all take for granted.

And who better to manage our Amazon than those who know it best. Imagine them sharing the wonders of the Amazon to to world on their terms, sharing their thoughts and ideas on how to protect and develop it in a way that is sustainable and protective.

I think that Brasil must allow the indigenous peoples of the Amazon set the agenda for how the tourism industry can best serve their needs. They are the people who have the most amazing and direct linkage into what to show the world of the Amazon. And that harmony they enjoy within the Amazon. And is it not the true that the Brazilian government truly for a sustainable partnership the peoples of the Amazon.

In fact I think that this is the best way in which we can prove to the world of our love for and our desire in protecting of this most valuable and incredible jewel in the crown of Brasil. I also think this is how we can counter against the criticism of the west and prove once and for all that we are the worlds greatest conservators of the mysterious and wonderful Amazon.

The iconic images of Brasil as she stands today are all focused on Rio Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf mountain, the Rio Carnival and football. We could call on all Brazilians to send in to us all of the things that they know and love about Brasil. People travel not just to visit iconic places but also so to make new discovery’s to capture on film and preserve moments and memories that will last a lifetime.

We could even ask tourists to contribute by asking them to write stories about their trips the places they’ve see; the wonderful people they’ve meet here. As a gringo married to Brazilian and having the privilege of traveling to some Brasil’s lesser know destinations and the simple magic and charm of her people and places they leave in me such a warmth and friendliness from everyone I have meet in my short time here.

I love Brasil and I know that anyone who visits Brasil can only leave here with a love in their hearts. Brasil our Brasil this place that is like no other place in the world. A place that leaves full of fond memories of endless sunshine, golden beaches, forested tropical mountains, wildlife no other, simple and tasty foods that leave you wanting more.

A final comment on the correct way to develop an advertising campaign that inspires not just travel but investment in the tourism industry of Brasil.

The development of and advertising campaign that inspires travelers should be put up for tender to media and design companies to compete for the right to showcase Brasil to the world and not a bunch of worn out harkened bureaucrats who have no idea what to do with a budget to promote tourism.

It seems that their core mission was to save money which is a completely misguided in my opinion. If the budget for promotion of Brasil to the wider world is $8,000,000 every cent of that budget should be put to good use in the promotion of Brasil.

  • Brasil adventure starts here!
  • Brasil the only place to begin!
  • Brasil leave your worries at the door!
  • Brazil the definition of discovery!
    Brasil our beautiful Brasil!
  • Post script….

    Can you image my surprise to read this morning in the Rio Times that the twits that developed this ill conceived promotion of our beautiful Brasil had breached copyright in the use of a not for commercial use “font” by a French designer. Surprised “NOT”! This is why we use advertising agencies to develop and deliver dynamic promotional campaigns. They know the rules and laws of commercial practices to avoid exactly these types of problems.

    Note all slogans are copyrighted to me.

    The Count!

    2 thoughts on ““Brasil the only destination” “Brasil a great place to begin” “Let Brasil inspire you” “Brasil leave your worries at the door” “Brasil the gateway to adventure” “Brasil adventure our middle name”

    1. Gislene Han

      Intense love for my country. Thanks for sharing your vision with the world.
      We sure need good people talking about us from their hearts instead of mainstream mídia selling their agenda

      Liked by 1 person

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