The Count meets a President

Jair Bolsonaro and Count of Faulkenstein, 2/8/19.

Today I had the distinct pleasure in meeting Brasils President Jair Bolsonaro. I was humbled that he shared some moments with me out of his busy schedule. A real honor for me to shake his hand and personally congratulate him on his righteous victory. We both share the same dream of building a greater Brasil for all Brazilians. We have a long road ahead to achieve that dream. I am proud to be part of that dream and will work tirelessly for Brasil to see that dream fully realized.

Jair Bolsonaro dared to imagine a Brasil that could be more, much more. More than what the corrupted political and bureaucratic system had idealized with socialism. And now with good men and wiser heads reimagining Brasil, and the good lord willing, that small seed of hope will grow into a mighty bustling forest in which all good hardworking and socially responsible Brazilians can live in freedom and prosper within.

My hopes and dreams for Brasil are to see her become a mighty South American nation free from the indoctrination of socialism. A nation where people can become all they dream to become. Safe and secure from the dread and failures of communism. A country that celebrates the ideal of individualism and personal responsibility to be the best we all can be. A country that gives all people who dream of becoming better a hand up, and not a handout. Brasil stands on the cusp of that dream and ideal toward real order and achievable progress for all.


Above all Brasil, Above all God. Order and Progress!

2 thoughts on “The Count meets a President

  1. bnhol

    Thank you for your nice words and love for Brazil. I’m sure that, soon, we will honour the ‘Order and Progress’ on our flag. We still have some steps to go, it won’t be easy, but with Bolsonaro we’ll get there! 🇧🇷👏👏👏👏

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