No, it’s just dust in my eye.

Am I losing my edge, I’m not sure anymore just where the edge is, as we step forward and peer down there is no darkness or the abyss seeing it’s all solid ground under foot, no two step, no shuffle, no rush without fear gripping at our hearts, hearts beat steady one two tempo, quickening of our senses, breathe in out, wings wide open, slowing time into exquisite details, none too small to escape attention, these specks of dust floating in the corner of eyesight illuminated, closer than further away now, everything in reality moves ever faster, tempos quickened, quickens before that affirming impact that most sudden of arrivals, yes we are, yes we will it, yes we win, so alive, so real, all thanks to, thanks goodness, thanks God for that, a closer brush as one can get a witness alive alive in that moment seeing things and beyond those very moments like dust we exist, in the corner of God’s eye as a glint.

All comments and thoughts gratefully received by the Count.

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