“Yes, these are tears.”

Here our hearts were broken,
Here inward we turned to ash,
Here our love was stolen,
Here they dreamed of cash,
Here an ideological clash,
Here we became inflamed,
Here some were cynical,
Here some simply crass,
Here all jokes aside revealed,
Here upon that scorched heap,
Here the sick the lame the corrupt,
Here no tears could quench us,
Here the howling screaming flames,
Here this our saddest metaphor,
Here a dreadful wasteful bloom,
Here in gasping smoky plumes,
Here was this our ignition,
Here our call a call to arms,
Here up from in the ashes,
Here we stood all truth confirmed,
Here still we’re alive standing,
Here flames burn now in us,
Here was our holy truth revealed,
Here never are we consumed,
Here our wishes above the stars
Here on this saddest anniversary,
Here this is our pledge renewed,
Here we stand and fight,
Here for all that’s burned,
Here all our eternity returns,
Here until our Brasil is restored,
Here my love and I we return,

All comments and thoughts gratefully received by the Count.

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