Love letter to our future selves.

To the you I am yet to know,
the you I am still to meet,
all the things I’ve yet to see,
that smile you’ve yet to give me,
the softness you reveal,
where we rest our bones tomorrow,
our sense of a flavour yet tasted,
or the hours we’ve left to talk,
the hours we’ve already treasured,
your head upon my shoulder,
together in our arms enfolded,
our laughter in sweet moments,
breathless kisses that make us high,
over oceans to our neverland of nights,
only to forever swim in our delight,
nothing outlasts our love engaged,
wild storms or raging sea could hold apart,
all our strength our two beating hearts,
the love that flows through us,
to us, as in our love and god we trust.

All comments and thoughts gratefully received by the Count.

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