Moments passing here,

joyous divine,
celibate it dive in deep
nothing to fear here
eating it all up
dig in deeper
hold on to your dreams
craft shape,
hone them,
razor sharp,
cut off a slice,
savor dream,
add salt,
for flavour,
wounded yeah cutting in deep,
both ways,
consumed with gusto,
like oysters,
fresh from the shell
let those juices run off your chin,
let it,
dripping on your favorite shirt,
live in your laughter,
or tears,
feel that shit,
life in all it’s veracity,
feel each day,
as it consumes us,
this is a life,
just a taste,
won't do you,
it's not gluttony,
hands in the air,
to the end of our days,
eat drink be merry,
take care,
we are only,
passing here.

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